Wake up on the tunes of Clair De Lune by Debussy.
Hits Snooze.
Alarm goes off again.
Gets out of bed.
Wash up.
Pray Al Fajer. Check.
Put on ugly navy skirt and striped blue and white blouse. HUH?

So my school decided that Saturday is no longer a weekend for student's with averages above 90%. Why? Because we are sheep. Not any kind of sheep though, sheep that contribute in a very high yearly income to the cheapskate private school we attend, not only do we do that, we also provide quite a sharp reputation by getting the highest marks in the Emirate. Only difference is, they don't get to slaughter us (at least not the traditional way, they have more creative methods you see).


Yes so back to the discrimination part... Students +90% averages have to show up on Saturdays for extra sessions. So do students under 75% (the ones who need things to be explained to them more than twice at school). And the students in between? Screw them is an expression. So they're putting us into boxes.. labeling us. High Income, stupid dumbs & screw them.

I'll see what achievements we'll make today and decide whether coming next week is worth it or not (I seriously doubt it). Until then...

Put iPod in school bag. Check.

Throw in school books. Check.

Have breakfast. Check.
Wake dad up. Check.
Park the car in front of the house (and argues internally whether taking it around for a drive is worth getting yelled at. No). Check.

Peace out!