- I believe we're all in deep sticky brown shit. [me]

- Shit is shit. It's an unchangeable fact I'm afraid. [HB-ti]

- Very true, and it comes in many shapes and sizes... (texture too, mind you). [me]

- Brown and soggy, they all are though. [HB-ti]

- I've seen cases of a bad shade of yellow. [me].

My friend and I were text messaging while studying and we came to a conclusion that the previous graphic description portrays life and its hardships... We're usually positive people.. but you see, the general atmosphere of being a senior gradually gets to you (along with developing a bad temper as a result of dieting).

What's YOUR perception of life at this very moment?


*Note: I advise everyone to NEVER Google the word poop while eating something.

Comedy Cafe..

It's been forever since I blogged, it's like I can't find the right words to express my mind. I've somehow gone mute, mentally.

So I spent my evening last night laughing my butt off in Comedy Cafe located in Jumeirah Beach Residence.. I'd been planning to go ever since I heard that Aron Kader from The Axis of Evil was coming. Yes I can repeatedly watch the DVD over & over again and find it amusing each time.

The trip from Sharjah to JBR was quite amusing & time consuming as always.. I had my kit ready (the printed google maps, photos of landmarks and the GPS on my mobile), we got there alright.. walked the last kilometer because dad was running late on his lecture. I've never been to that part of Dubai, El Wakalat Street in El Sweifieh back home is a rip off compared to The Walk over here. Anyways, we bought the tickets we'd booked earlier *looks at watch*, it's still 6 and the show starts at 9, so we checked out some shops, bought a couple of paintings from Gallery 1, eventually got bored and decided to go back to the Cafe and get some good seats. Sat in the front row *wiggles eyebrows*.. Shotgun.

The show was pure awesome. Really, I laughed to a point where my stomach ached. Aron was hilarious. He portrays your typical Arab, jumping from politics to daily life smoothly and brilliantly interacting with the audience.

He was nice enough to take pictures with us too... Totally enjoyed my time. I can't wait till summer, he told my brother & me that he'd be coming to Amman Inshallah.

I only captured one video, was shaking with laughter too hard.

I'm off for now.