At least they're trying..

Alright then...
So I got one of those forward e-mails (which I usually ignore unless the person who sent it instant messaged me and asked me to open it) and I was really happy with what I found. This was taken in "The Mall of the Emirates".

Which translates:
Picture 1: Please wear decent clothing (which cover the shoulders and knees for example)
Picture 2: Please do not kiss or show romantic feelings in front of everyone and please do not drink alcoholic beverages).

If you've lived in the Emirates you'd understand why such "drastic measures" have been taken. When you go to the mall, you REALLY can't raise your head from the floor (and no it's not because of the astonishing cleanness of the floor -it really is clean-), it's because you'd hurt your eyes with the scenes you'd see.

A huge majority of foreigners live in Dubai (Europeans, Australians, Americans, South Africans, etc..) and they tend to think that they can force their lifestyle on other people who don't exactly except things that easily. I mean really, what's fun about showing people that you aren't wearing undergarments? I know they don't MEAN to do that, it's just how they wear their clothes... but you've gotta respect the country you're in, the culture, the customs and the PEOPLE. I'm glad that the officials are at last "trying" to do something.

I try to avoid going to malls as much as I can... but I can't stand not checking out the latest electronics and books! *Walks with head to the floor and bumps into everyone in the way*. So, if you live here, or if you ever visit the UAE.. remember, look sky high or down low for the safety of your eyes!

Over and out!

*Note: Thanks to my girl Tara for pushing this one forward.

You don't talk to "SCIENTISTS"!

What is the best place to get a free full spit-shower, a headache and a guarantee to get pissed off?

Don't our teachers always tell us to "be creative", "brainstorm our minds" and "keep trying"? It really amazes me how they don't get sore throats since they're always assuring us that it's "no problem whatsoever" whether we answer right or not and "the attempt itself is good enough"?

A girl in my class came up with another way of solving a question he gave us, (or at least she thought she did before getting the spit shower) and I must admit she was sort of pissing him off by insisting that she was right. We were all quite taken aback with his reaction though... I was afraid his eyeballs were gonna pop out of his head, his brain was about this far *puts thumb and forefinger together* from exploding, and I swear if the room had been a little colder you would've seen the steam coming our of his ears and nostrils.

I'm afraid he's either bipolar or he terribly lacks self-confidence... either way, he just gave me the perfect reason to dislike math during my senior year...