Time Out

I couldn't help the tears falling, I guess I've become too attached to my mom... She's going back home today to visit grans and every other person I love over there. I'm overwhelmed by so many emotions right now; sadness, fear, nervousness.. I can feel I lump in my throat, just hate it. I know she'll only be away for two weeks, but it seems more like a decade to me...

7abibti Mama, she takes care of everything before leaving, I was just in the kitchen to drink some water and I spotted a couple of papers she left behind with full instructions on what to eat everyday, she's made us a week of food supply with the warmth of her hands. Crap, I'm crying again... It's weird for me because I'm never this sensitive... it's not like I've never been away from mom... dunno, maybe it's just the heat of my Tawjihi exams that are coming up. She felt all guilty about leaving when she found out she wouldn't be there for my first Mid-Year, but I want her to be happy, she needs some time off; this year has been hectic.

Well, this is going to be a good chance to test my "emotions stamina" and it'll effect the choice I'll be making in a few months on where to study University... here (with dad and big bro), or back home (with mom and little siblings)... so far, based on my reactions, it's weighing towards #2.

Speaking of future decisions and all that stuff that's kept me daydreaming and stressed 76% of the time... I won't be posting until I'm done with my finals... make Dua'a and wish me luck please, and if you see me posting comments anywhere, or coming online on msn or facebook.. you have FULL permission to SCOLD ME!

Merry Christmas to all non-Muslim readers (yes that's you Missy) and Happy New Year in forward.. May the coming year bring joy, smiles and warmth of family of friends Inshallah.

Take Care everyone!
Over & Out.. to cry a bit more.

The Aftermath....


The school was buzzing with the news today, nearly everyone was talking about how they joined a facebook group that supported Mr. Zaidi, or about signing an online petition to free him, I could even hear the first graders' roars of laughter in the background while listening to some music on my iPod on my way to school... I spent nearly half an hour debating with my math teacher about my point of view (I bet a lot of people were happy they didn't take a math lesson today) which ended up with both of us insisting on our opinions and him involving irrelevant mathematical terms. (I must admit that he was saying good stuff, but he seeks perfection that doesn't exist in our world).

Anyway, I guess I'm getting too obsessed with the whole thing.. Come on, don't tell me you've never vowed to "stick your foot up Bush's nostrils if you ever had a chance" while having a heated political conversation with your friends!

I was reading some articles about the incident when I came across this one...

Saddam Hussein's former lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi said he was forming a team to defend Zaidi and that around 200 lawyers, including Americans, had offered their services for free.
I guess a lot of people like him *wiggles eyebrows*. The general reaction is pretty positive in Mr. Zaidi's interest... not only Arabs, Westerners too. I'd bet loads of Americans would like to have a swing at him too!

An Iraqi lawyer said Zaidi risked a minimum of two years in prison if he is prosecuted for insulting a visiting head of state, but could face a 15-year term if he is charged with attempted murder.
*smirks*... didn't know you could murder someone with a shoe... O_o... I gotta try that one!

Over and OUT (to throw some shoes)


Farewell with a size 10...

You have NO idea how much respect this man! I find it the PERFECT way to express his farewell to none other than our beloved pig Bush... YES my friends, from now on... shoe industries will be flourishing since it makes a HELL load of people happier.

Let me say that shoes can sometimes be more effective than mass destructive weapons... WAY MORE EFFECTIVE!

"Let me talk about the guy throwing the shoe, it is one way to gain attention"
Sure is baby! If a size 10 shoe speeding your way doesn't gain YOUR attention, I don't know what WILL!

This dude just summed it all up for me...

I hope it made you smile!
Sa7tein of 3afieh...

How lame can you get?

Lamer.. please?

No comment...

Eid Al Adha

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Yeah well, this is my second Eid in the UAE, I've really stopped expecting anything fun. We have no relatives here which makes things a lot more boring (*coughs* and decreases the 3edieh income)... The weather was amazing yesterday morning; sunny with a fresh breeze!

Doesn't it make you want to sing?

Didn't I promise myself I wouldn't hang any Eid greetings on the door due to what happened last time? Yeah well, it was too gloomy.. and mom made me lol. But I shooed all the kids away, guess what they did? The climbed on a tree in front of our house and pulled it down.. poor tree! Imagine if I'd let monsters like THAT into my room!

Nothing too fancy..

I decided to take my little siblings out instead of sitting home all day.. well not really "out", here out = mall. Dad dropped us off at Sahara to watch Bolt and have lunch. I guess they enjoyed their time, a couple of my friends tagged along and brought their siblings too.

That's my lil bro Saif

They really enjoyed it, HA.. I'd like a dog like Bolt.. so cute!

The employees at Grand Sahara recognized me since I'd watched Twilight for the second time the day of Al Waqfeh with my brother. They were like... "Aren't you the Twilight girl? Don't tell us you're here to watch it for the third time?". "No, no, of course not" *has an internal argument with herself about whether I should or not :p*... I'll just wait for the DVD I guess.

Dad gave me my Eidieh, I guess I'm buying a guitar after my Mid-Years are over Inshallah and whatever is left (if anything is left) I'll use to get myself some books.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Eid Inshallah?


Twilight DAY!


Yesterday was probably one of the MOST exciting days I've had in my life! We're all going to remember it!

I was up at 6 am due to all the hyperness, tried wasting some time watching TV and sitting around but I eventually drifted away thinking about the book...

2 o'clock came, and with it came the RAIN! Yes! Good omens AGAIN! (That sort of rhymes doesn't it lol?)

Once I got there, I gave all the girls their t-shirts and we put them on.. people would stare at us and we got all sorts of comments... here are some:
"What team do you people play on?"...
"Toilet..? The toilet's over there!"....
"Vampires... WHERE?"....
"3aaaaaaaaaaaaaw... I'm a wolf"... =_='

And of course, the other undercover Twilighters:
"OMG! Look at their shirts, should we go ask them where they got them from?"...
"Haha, Team Edward always outnumber the dogs"...
"Ooooohhh... your shirts are sooo *sigh*"...

And of course, we got the double head turns... people noticed that we were multiplying somehow.... We payed for our booking and tensions were rising... you could actually smell the excitement in the air!

It was minutes before the movie.. everyone packed up in front of the gate and we started yelling WE WANT TWILIGHT! EVERYONE joined in! We cheered Go team Edward and Jacob... the people were amazingly cooperative! But of course there were the haters... psssht!

Once we got in, all the girls were hyperventilating! And then... the movie began and tears started to fall... the reactions more more suitable for The World Cup instead of a movie! ESPECIALLY when Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) walked in... riot broke out! It was AMAZING! The auditorium would erupt into roars and screams each 5 minutes! Ahaha I was surprised to see some guys at the movie and I was shocked they didn't run out screaming something like THEY'RE HIGH! Well, I must admit.. Edward Cullen is, and I quote our brand of heroin :p

My review about the movie: AMAZING!
You're probably thinking, well obviously... they're fans! We all know it's hard to please all the fans, especially the ones who expect that they're going to see everything that was mentioned in the book. You need to understand that it's HARD to make a book into a movie... to squeeze it all into 120 minutes! And if you haven't read the book, you'll just think that Edward's constipated all through the movie! The vampire's abilities are internal and it's difficult to show that in a movie! Read the books, then watch the movie again and you'll understand everything!

We were in after-shock when the movie finished... everyone was swooning! We took the picture for the Grand Cinemas Movie Guide and decided to kill the energy by going to the indoor Amusement Park.... We sure did kill the energy... some of the girls got dizzy, some got hungry... and we thought it was a wrap for the night!

All in all... it was an amazing girl's day out! And we can't wait till New Moon next year Inshallah (the sequel)!

When I got home I read the November Issue of the Movie guide a picked up... and GUESS what I found?

My letter to Grand Cinemas

But that's not what matters... this is:

I'm going to "receive must-have merch and other cool giveaways" HOW COOL IS THAT? I'm not bummed out anymore! (I'd asked one of the employees whether they could give me a poster once the movie was over instead of it getting covered by dirt in some warehouse and she'd said: "Sorry, we don't do that"..) WELL, HA! In your face!

And the souvenir:

Along with the shirts and all the pics (which I obviously won't post)

What a day...

*Note.. excuse my writing if it sounds weird... I'm still hyped about yesterday.

Good Day!

Salamz peeps!!!

I AM SUPER HAPPY *jumps up and down*.

I was in Ajman an hour ago to get the shirts I ordered for our Twilight girl's day out tomorrow.. as always I was hyper due to the fact that it has to do with Twilight! I did my best to control myself from running around in circles and screaming OMG in the middle of the Mall... Mission accomplished, the shirts turned out to be PERFECT!

I'm on Team Edward of course!

On our way back....


YES, IT ACTUALLY RAINED! I couldn't believe my eyes! Okay, not the normal rain you see back home, sort of deformed but heck! It was raining cats and dogs, you should've seen the size of the rain drops, they were like baseballs!
Good omens :D

Listen to how hard it's raining:

I honestly can't wait till tomorrow! Good day....

Peace OUT!

Feeling Good...


I feel like it's been ages since I actually used the Internet... so I might as well post something new..

Right now I'm Feeling Good... because:

1. We have a fourteen - day holiday that starts from today until the 14th of December. Tomorrow is the UAE's 37th National Day... So may Allah bless this country and the people with a new fruitful year! They sort of merged the National Day Holiday with The Eid holiday so that's cool, but I guess I'll be spending the majority of it studying for my mid-years, wish me luck peeps.

2. I did really good (Al Hamdulilah) in my monthly exams, I'm quite satisfied with whatever marks I get bearing the fact that it's the Finals that REALLY make the difference, so if you've been kissing some butt all year, you've been wasting a HELL load of time, the Ministry declared that exams will be held and marked in Public schools instead of being marked by your teachers at your school, which is much fair for everyone!

3. I love the weather, it's awesome. Yes winter in the UAE is the best ever! It's like a Spring day back home.. And I just love it! I adore the breeze that ruffles my hair on my way to school every morning while listening to a Coldplay or Snow Patrol song, the sun blinding my eyes... makes me feel like I'm on another planet!
I had a good day at school after taking this picture

4. TWILIGHT's release is this THURSDAY in the UAE!! I've been counting down till the 4th of December for around a year now! My friends and I have been in contact with Grand Cinemas for over a month getting as much info as we can about the reservations and all that stuff. And you guys might see us in January's issue of "Grand Movie Guide"! :D I made a couple of designs for the shirts we ordered and I can't wait to see how they turned out when I pick them up tomorrow.
You might've noticed that I'm a Twilight-fanatic (aka TWILIGHTER), I never really posted a blog about Twilight knowing that I wouldn't be able to express my hyperness in simple words and I didn't want to scare you people away... so I'll just move on!

If you haven't read Twilight, I TOTALLY recommend that you do! Especially if you're a Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Narnia fan... you're missing out an a great book you know! I got around a dozen people addicted to it, and trust me when I say, you will too! (Props out to Mays who told me about it in the first place).
DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE BEFORE READING THE BOOKS, it'll be super cheesy and you won't read the book after seeing how lame the movie "might be". We all know we can't compare movies that are based on novels to the real artwork. Again, read the book first.

I guess I'll just stop with reason 4 since it's the one that's making me hyper 24/7... *hyperventilates*.

Over and OUT!