My Adventurous August

Okay okay, I'm good at postponing things, people who don't follow my blog regularly (88.8% of you) wouldn't notice though since I realized just now that my posts don't carry date tags... Suckers! *blinks*. Do excuse that, I'm fasting; simultaneously keeping up with +2 topics can be quite a challenge at the moment.

August was really fun this year, whether it was the "Know Your Country Tours" my uncle would take us on, or the heart-stopping, make-your-temple-throb restaurant-bill dining, or getting sprayed with a stray McDonald ketchup packet while jogging thanks to random fumbling feet and late night sleepovers with my cousins that included all sorts of movies ranging from the best of the box office to poorly-directed, shitty-dialogued British indies.

Translated: Welcome here (Jordanian dialect)

Qasr Al Harraneh (there was a camera crew shooting those Visit Jordan videos, my uncle was capable of messing up their best shooting moments by peeping through the castle door while they were zooming in XD)

Al Harraneh Castle

Qasr Amra

It was what you may call a high-end bath back in the days

We also happened to attend Jadal's album release.. they're a Jordanian Arabic Rock Band, really worth listening to if you're willing to hear something new.. not your typical 7abibi/7ayati/ya 3eini ya leil/amoot/anta7ir music that everyone's singing nowadays. Let me add, I don't listen to Arabic music with an exception to this band.. so try them out.

Left to right: Rami (vocalist), Mahmoud (guitarist) & Laith (drummer) from Jadal.. More photos here.

It was all fun until my summer got cut and I suddenly had to leave to the UAE thanks to an issue I'll will lengthily blog about in the posts to come. Just to give you a heads up; I, Velvet The Great (ignore that again please, remember, I'm fasting) who studied my butt off during my senior year of high school (Tawjihi / Thanawieh 3amme) and got 96.4% Scientific stream (and gained a good few *cough* kilos) was no longer considered an over-achieving student. On the contrary, I was just like any other drop-out or failure of a student who didn't study worth a rat's ass... And I couldn't get The English Language and Literature (not MEDICINE) seat I was positive I'd get with my feet crossed up on a table... Like I said, I'll get to that issue in a future post.

Back to the UAE

So I left to study at the Super Uni (as my cousin calls it)..

Orientation at "The Super Uni"


I'm back in Jordan now.

To be continued...