Happy Eid...?


Kul 3am wa antum be kheir first and foremost!

It was officially announced that today would be the first day of Eid Al-Fitr *yay* (other than the "5elef tu3raf countries). This is my first Eid away from home after 8 years and 16 Eids I celebrated with family and friends (when I say family, I mean EXTENDED family, you gotta love the Arab buffness).

I couldn't bear the fact that only my parents and siblings would be celebrating Eid so I tried to attract little kids to our house by making Eid cards and sticking them on the door (that didn't work out too well, half the block is currently upstairs).

Tried to act happy and put on that Eid smiley face, but that didn't dawn on my face until dad gave me my "Eidieh" (after many negotiations that he was the reason we came to the Emirates + extra taxes) I got this:

Gotta love dad huh? *grins*

I started seeing things better after El 3eedieh like the Eid cake mom made and of course THE JORDANIAN traditional plain, sugarless coffee (which I don't drink):

By half past eleven I was bored to death and decided to go back to non-other than my favorite spot in the house *drum rolls*, my happy place...

Today wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Not bad, but lonely... Listened to this song 20 times today, it pretty much expresses how I feel right now. It's called "Home" by Michael Buble.




Friday night I had a rush of energy and decided to go watch Munshid Al Sharjah at the University City Hall which is about 5 minutes away from where I live. As usual, didn't get there on time due to reasons like asking my big bro to come with me. Having arrived late, we didn't find any posters for the Jordanian contestant we were supporting (Ahmed El Bayedh). Despite all the flashy bling-bling we see on TV, a stench of vomit lingered in the stands (clearly because of the huge number of children under the age of 10)....

Mashallah, the Munshideen had great voices, but NOTHING like the Jordanian Munshid *looks around to make sure no one watched Munshid El Sharjah:p*. No really, he had a really really nice voice, and only Talal, and a couple of other people in the front cheered him on. In the end, he was cut and I was REALLY upset because he deserved to stay a lot more than some of the other contestants :(.

Not only was I dissapointed, I was angry too because I had put up with all the smells and children kicking the back of my seat and staying up till 12:30 am which is totally not a habit for me and in the end for the guy I was supporting to be cut.... You do NOT wanna see my face LOL. Here's one of the pics I took, sorry, forgot my camera in the car, so I had to use a mobile phone, this was the only "clear" picture.

A few enlightening minutes...


Ramadan is a special month for Muslims all around the world. During this month we fast from Dawn until Sunset. It is a test of patience and somehow a way of feeling how less fortunate people feel.

So it's day 17 of Ramadan today and I really can't believe it, time just flew by like that *snaps fingers*. After helping mom out with the Iftar, and while the table was groaning from the weight of food over it, I was about to switch over to Sharjah TV so we could see the cannon go off when I saw a commercial for a show called "Khawater". I was interested to learn more about it. So at 7:15 UAE time, I put on MBC1...

Mashallah, a young man, but such powerful WORDS! I love listening to things we as teenagers, young men / women and the whole new generation can relate to. Unlike what most "Sheikhs or Religious guys" say, he MAKES you listen. I just love it. Turns out the show's been on for a couple of years now, shame I didn't learn about it earlier.

So here are some links for the first episodes, each one doesn't last more than 10 minutes which means you can certainly cut out 10 minutes out of your 1440 minutes you've got everyday, no?

Episode 1:
Part one
Part two

Episode 2:

You kind find all of them here

Or you can watch the show on MBC1 daily at 18:15 KSA, 15:15 GMT.

Oh and sorry to all my friends who don't understand Arabic... I'll try translating them during my Eid holiday Inshallah. Until then ya'll have to wait. If any of you guys wanna help out, leave a comment, we can divide the episodes between us. Thanks!

Hope ya'll like it!
Peace, Hala

AMAZING graphic designing

It's crazy how you might be searching for something and totally forget about what it was you were searching for in the first place. I was looking for some raw base graphics for a logo I was "trying" to make for a new group I created on Facebook. I eventually got bored and went on deviant art (and no I'm not an artist but I'm inspired with graphic arts made by others) and found AMAZING typography! I felt my mouth drop after seeing the amount of detail on each picture... it's what I call REAL ART!!

Check it out: http://qa9ed2000.deviantart.com/

Here are a couple of my favorites:

It inspired me to start the blog I've always wanted. So here's my first post...Thought I'd share since I know most of my peeps LOVE stuff like this. ENJOY!

Peace, Hala.