And The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

I believe that geeks are the coolest type of people that exist on the face of Earth, I mean, come on people, let's face it; us geeks have redefined "cool". And yes, the geek shall inherit (rule) the Earth... One day, all the imbeciles who roam Mother Earth shall refer to us geeks as kings and queens... I, Velvet the Great, can assure you.

In fact, if it weren't for a particular Turkish geek classmate of mine, I wouldn't have been motivated enough to actually write this post, he was the one who gave me the proxys, usernames & passwords for the wifi at Animal Planet, and seeing I have some free time where I like to sit back, listen to music and observe the behaviors of the cavemen over here, I decided to blog and dedicate one of my posts to geekism.

Where do you stand on this one?
7 Responses
  1. khadooj Says:

    aahahahahaha XD i didn't see those last 2 posts!! that's funny u should share 'em in ur "cavemen center" ... i bet they won't understand anything XD

    how's ur japaneso lessons??

  2. Mad Art Says:

    I totally agree !!!
    << say hi to the Geeky nerd 8-|

  3. za3tar Says:

    haha .. i read your previous three posts and i like your style of writing, it's funny and entertaining. You should post more often. At least try to get that 2 posts/week (heck, 1 post per 2 weeks is good at this point :-))

    Note: i commented here rather than on the previous two posts because this one was more up-beat (even though i liked the previous post better).

    Anyway ... get working missy

  4. Mays Says:

    Ah, V. Yes, we shall rule the world one day.

    When I rule the world, I will have a grand ball at my own castle, & I will make everyone dress as fictional characters...

  5. El Hazard Says:

    It's been forever since your last post >.<
    I hope all is well with you!

  6. Dino$ Says:

    i was a total geek in highschool :)