Elements of Fiction

The students fancy editing some signs inside the colleges. It used to say (Please do not put your feet on the wall. Edit: Please put your feet on the wall)

I actually spotted this on the way to the College of Pharmacy while exploring campus, feel free to step.

So nearly a month has passed since I officially started attending university here in Jordan. So far, I can't seem to find anything too interesting, other than the various and endless types of intergluteal clefts (butt cracks) you can't avoid setting your eyes upon. Now you can take that literally, or look behind the words and taste my use of symbolism in portraying most students as butt cracks, it is applicable both ways, but I won't elaborate on either (it can get a little graphic), I'll simply leave that to you... However, I will explain it briefly in a post in the near future Inshallah.

I've made many observations, and come up with many terms to refer to my University; Animal Planet and Cavemen Central are the one's I'm using most nowadays. We've got standard types of people at University, they differ from college to another, the differences will easily catch your attention while moving on campus. But I won't be introducing ya'll to those types just yet, it'll also be in a future post, or else I'll run out of topics to rant about.. heck I've got a minimum of 2 posts/week to live up to.

So I've got quizzes coming up next week, I've already studied for my Introduction to Literature exam, can't you see how I implemented the elements of fiction in my post? Symbols and Flat Characters? *grins*.

So share with us, what terms have you used to refer to your University, University students or school?

I'm out for now!

*edit: I hadn't noticed the obscene picture that was in the butt crack link, I was focused on the definition from Wikipedia.. I apologize, link removed.
3 Responses
  1. Karamilah Says:

    Used to call it the ZOO

  2. KJ Says:

    The initials of my college was AUS so we just called it AUShit

  3. Halawa Says:

    Karamilah ~ That's an expression, somewhat close to my animal planet XD.

    KJ ~ Yeah AUShit, I came across that term when I was at the AUS for two weeks XD. Left it though...