Making up

It's been another month. A full month, and I realize was "supposed" to update a day after my previous post but *inhales deep breath*.... I admit I've been a bad blogger who's forgotten all about my blog's one year anniversary and I would absolutely understand why my blog would dump me if it were a human being. I'm not one who finds excuses for everything (especially regarding this case seeing that I *cough* have no acceptable excuse).. But, I WILL make it up for my blog. *begins to run out of breath* I shall update twice a week. Yes you heard me -read that- two, tnein, dois, deux, bi? (that's as far as counting knowledge in different languages goes). *wheezy voice*

So *claps hands together*, since we've found common ground there.. where were we last time?

Ah yes, I was fuming over the fact that I was no longer taken for the self-proclaimed over-achieving nerd I am, and how my exercising, training, taming and continuous straining for the gooey thing that resides inside my head (aka brain) for a full year didn't stop my father paying 5 times more what an average or less than average art stream student would pay for an English Language and Literature seat. Or 5 times more what the girl sitting next to me who got 68 in Tawjihi but has a papa who "knows people" pays. It's really disappointing, injustice I mean. Money isn't the case here, I come from a quite capable family Al-Hamdulilah, it's the concept I'm talking about... I'm paying more than what a Medicine student on the normal program or a Pharmacy student on Parallel program pays because I'm a gulf graduate, and believe it or not, that's a form of taboo.

People still have the misconception that education in the gulf is as easy as it used to be. No wait, let me clear that up, UAE is an exception, especially for the past two years... KSA still gives marks bil kilo (in kilos) as we say. So my 96.4% Scientific stream sounds like a 76.4% when 5arrijet el emarat (Emirates graduate) is added after further questioning, or at least that's how you'll be treated (but when have I ever abided by rules? I still succeed to impress with fast, witty and smart comebacks and leave the individual I'm conversing with rather surprised that I can actually link two sentences together flawlessly.. yes friends, they think we're THAT dumb -_-). To make it a tad more clearer, had I stayed in Jordan, I would've gotten the same average or higher, but gotten a normal seat, without having to go through the stress of being lost and the disappointment of feeling mistreated and would be paying LESS than what the was6a dropout is paying. Again, injustice sucks. Ah well...

I pass by this gate everyday.. and I go through the struggle of getting my wallet out of my backpack in order to show them my ID, I mean COME ON, don't I LOOK like one?

So, it's the second week of University... I have formed a general opinion on the one I'm attending; The University of Jordan. But I'm going to give it two more weeks grace to leave a better impression before I start sharing my endless observations.

It showered on us last week while we were on our way to buy a book... the stuff you go through for education =p.

Oh, btw, my two posts per week thing starts next week.

Till then..
7 Responses
  1. Nevin Says:

    yayyyy :) welcome back halawa! im glad you're back blogging, i love your blog! =D

  2. NasEr Says:

    sigh sigh sigh
    uh...this university ! can't tell u how much i love it ! enjoy every minute of it there's no other place on Earth like JU..with all the shit that comes with it still .
    and make use of the library its greattttt

  3. Karamilah Says:

    the big W, Wasta.
    It is kinda the same almost everywhere. unfair i know, i've been struggling with the same thing with the job hunt, trying to be fair as much as i can although i can get anything with a snap of a finger. God bless us, it is very irritating. siiiiighhh*

  4. Halawa Says:

    Nevin ~ Thanks, I really appreciate it! Feels good to be back =).

    Naser ~ One package eh? I probably still need more time to adjust, get used to it and start accepting the unexpected =p. I actually went to the library yesterday for the first time, and let me tell you, if it weren't for the super fast connection I would've ran out seconds later.. it smelled horrible lol. BUT, I will go on a day when they've fixed the ventilating systems.

    Karamilah ~ Common ground, the big W *nods*.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Nice blog !! U should go back to writing !

    I finished tawjeehe in make a long story short, I was ranked as the 4th student on my dof3a at the engineer school JUST (techno) can figure out the rest hehe

  6. ramroom Says:

    hello halawa.. my name is Reem, i graduated from uj last semester.. what u're doing is really interesting ,what comes to my mind is "why didn't i do it?".. anyways, back to my initial thought, i think that ur being hard on those who like to shop and go to malls, because i was one of them, but BELIEVE YOU ME, i got high grades and i've accomplished a lot...
    another remark is about the word "geek" that ur using, i think that this is not a politically correct term, because if a self-loathing geek, or at least someone who lacks ur self esteem hears the word, they would probably be annoyed...
    i don't want to underestimate what ur doing because i'm lucky i accidentally read ur blog, i really love that a freshman is trying to change the world, or at least the university. :)