- I believe we're all in deep sticky brown shit. [me]

- Shit is shit. It's an unchangeable fact I'm afraid. [HB-ti]

- Very true, and it comes in many shapes and sizes... (texture too, mind you). [me]

- Brown and soggy, they all are though. [HB-ti]

- I've seen cases of a bad shade of yellow. [me].

My friend and I were text messaging while studying and we came to a conclusion that the previous graphic description portrays life and its hardships... We're usually positive people.. but you see, the general atmosphere of being a senior gradually gets to you (along with developing a bad temper as a result of dieting).

What's YOUR perception of life at this very moment?


*Note: I advise everyone to NEVER Google the word poop while eating something.
11 Responses
  1. Dojanah Says:

    despite the fact that it's hard, but it's not as low as shit!

    that's disgusting, donno why u went on about such a thing in that way!

  2. Halawa Says:

    LOL Dojanah,

    We're fed up... with all the projects, exams and stuff coming up, being disgustingly creative was the best we could do.

  3. Mays Says:

    Hahahahaha! Totally, completely, absolutely.
    We should be the latest world-renowned philosophers. The great Velvet &... erm.. Who should I be?
    Pfft, I don't know why people would listen to people like Plato or Aristotle when we're here.

  4. Life is like the digestive system. Sometimes you're hungry, sometimes you're fed up, sometimes a little shit doesn't really hurt, and others, all you can see is shit.

  5. libero anima Says:

    my presecption of life according to ur picture .. problems in life are like shit , you feel soo F****** good when u get if out of your system =p

  6. Halawa Says:

    Mays ~ Beats me mate! Velvet the Great (me) & Frosting the ..... (we haven't decided yet)..

    Under Pressure ~ Haha... that's a way of seeing it. I'd usually say life is what you make it... but this year is a bit special. XD

    Libero Anima ~ LOL... absolutely.. outta my system it is in a few months Inshallah!

  7. ST Says:

    Hey not bad,
    comparing life to Crap,
    very BOLD.

  8. Life is what you make it

    I worked in the newborn nursery for a few weeks, and I remember that we waited for every new baby to shit just to make sure things are okay with him/her. So, if you make shit, it's sometimes considered a good sign!?

    BTW I changed my link.. You know me but you wont recognize me =D

  9. Really sorry! I had to delete ur comment on my blog for security reasons =P ,, you said a letter that I'm trying to keep top secret!!

  10. Lalla Mona Says:

    did u steal this pic from PS????? lol

  11. Halawa Says:

    ST ~ Thanks for visiting bro. Yeah, I have guts :P.

    My Set on you ~ It's okay 7abibti.. I understand ;)

    Lalla Mona ~ PS?