Shouldn't there be a policy that punishes bloggers who stop posting all of a sudden? *clears throat, looks down and points at the nearest person*. If there was Internet Social Services, I would be charged with First Degree Neglectence and my blog would be taken away from me... I could beat myself up all day on how idle I've become over here.

Time has flown by... Only one more week and school ends, I've survived this year Al Hamdulilah, with the help of God, family, friends & the Internet. It's been a long journey, 14 years of studying suddenly end and a whole new stage starts; University. Looking back at all those years, I realize that I never missed out on anything, I've always been an honorary student (and no, that doesn't mean I'm a nerd), never stayed in one school for more than 3 years which means I've come across different people from many paths of life, made friends I won't ever forget no matter how many miles lie in between, gained enough knowledge to know what I'm talking about and speak it out loud, and most importantly I'd change absolutely NOTHING about all these years that've passed. I've had my ups and downs, I've made my mistakes, but I've learned my lessons. I know more about people and how they think, interacting with different attitudes does that to you.

All of a sudden, it's over...

Yes, I still have two weeks of Finals to endure in mid-May, but I'll live through it Inshallah...

So this is just a temporary farewell post, until I'm done with finals that is. Once I'm done, I will nourish my blog regularly...

For now...
Peace out!
4 Responses
  1. Nevin Says:

    Hey im a random lol but goodluck for the exams! i have them coming up too :(

  2. Halawa Says:

    Hey Nevin! Thanks for visiting =)! Good luck yourself! It'll all be over sooner or later Inshallah.

  3. InD. Says:

    goodluck on the exams, hope you did well.

  4. Halawa Says:

    Thanks for passing by bro..

    Yeah, you do what you gotta do, and I studied, a LOT XD. It'll all show once our results are out.