Ah 3ammo?

I was talking to one of my friends on MSN when the following occurred:
Things got quiet so...:
Halawa... says:

ah 3ammo?
My friend says:
shu 3ammo
My friend says:
huhh what are you doing ?!
My friend says:
7ala ??!
Halawa... says:
malek? (what's wrong?)
Halawa... says:
My friend says:
shu (what?)
My friend says:
Halawa... says:
I said shu 3ammo
Halawa... says:
that's like ayyywaaaah
My friend says:
wlk for a while i thought it's your father and he's telling me ah 3ammo
My friend says:
7aseit enu yeeeeeeeeeey shu lazim a7kii w en3ajaget w enu ya 7bb w bkol seqa b2oloh shu 3ammo (I didn't know what to do and I got messed up, still with all that I answered yes 3ammo?)
Halawa... says:
Halawa... says:
I can't stop laughing
My friend says:
sert atala3 7awalai enu omg (I looked around me when I read what you typed, I was thinking OMG)
My friend says:
shu el wa7aad lazim y7kii b haik mawaqef (what should a person say in a situation like this?)
My friend says:
enu WOW i'm talking to her FATHER

So after laughing my guts out at her due to all the confusion, I thought I might as well write about it...

My friend didn't know who she was talking to during that moment becasue of the expression I used. I was bored, so I said soooo 3ammo? It's just an expression... she thought that my dad was talking to her. Keep in mind that it was MY open window, we're friends and classmates at school, so she pretty much knows who she's talking to.

So, how can you easily believe and trust people you meet online? I know that you can find amazing people on the internet, but still, you might think that you're talking to a girl and simply opening up to her when suddenly, she turns out to be a guy. Wow, what a shock, he knows more about you than anyone else in the world (afterall, she was your best online friend) and "she" is going to use everything "she" knows against you... lucky you..!

One mistake can mess up your life, I'm not saying that people online are bad, OF COURSE they aren't, I've met loads of brilliant people online! You just need to be careful when it comes to trusting people easily.

A message to my fellow sisters online... please, please, please... don't fall for guys online. I'm going to keep saying this, not all of them are bad (notice I'm generalizing negativity because that's what our society thinks), but sometimes you get too attached and things don't end up too bright...

Be careful peeps!

Peace out!
P.S. Thanks Aya...
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ya 7aram ya aya zai 2l camera 2l 5afeyeh... ummm howeh 7ala b sara7a 2l wa7ad mo lazim yi7ki m3 shabab
    3al net bs u know wat marrat 2l wa7ad bijee 3la balo yit5awath, yi3raf keef hadoooool 2l nas (( guyzz)))) bifakro 4 me i dunno ana ma ba7ib a7ki m3 shabab bs iza 9ar o 7akeet bsaraaaaaaaaaa7a bakazib kteeeeeer 3leehom o musta7eel yi3rafo 3nny wala shi 7a2ee2y ya3ni ta
    5weet b ta5weet... that's it
    o t3eeshi o takli 3'eerha pinky

    hodhod abu 7ijleh....

  2. Errant Says:

    lol that was funny story .. lol

    well, you're right about online ppl. i mean i have bunch of friends online, but sometimes i try to imagine how they may really look like .. maybe one of them is an old old man, who lives lonely in his apartment. maybe the other one is just some prisoner who escaped .. and he is wanted .. lol i get some random thoughts like that .. then i forget about them n i enjoy the conversation ..


  3. Halawa Says:


    we always try to avoid the truth don't we?

  4. Eman Says:

    Heyy 7ALA!

    How u doin sweety ?? I hope alls good :)
    Its my first time in ur blog :D Im not surprised to see cool articles cuz its my brilliant Ordoniaaa who is writin them :P..
    I loved the story and most importantly the dielect hehe "shu 3ammo " :D so soft not like our harsh dielect Lol

    Keep it up ;) and Enjoy ur vacation and the movie!!
    lUV YA XX

  5. maryam Says:

    dont trust online people!! unless youve proper met them and stuff.

    some of my closest friends i met online but i have to ensure that the person is who i think they are. (i.e webcam and TALKING CONVERSATIONSSS) i get warey of people who dont have many photos of themselves or make up excuses about webcam and stuff