Lab Rats...

Yeah well... I honestly feel like one!

It's my senior year and I'm not enjoying ANYTHING about it! We get bad news every single day... The Ministry of Education here in the UAE has absolutely NO idea what they're doing. It's like they're sitting on their high chairs competing who can suggest the most stupid and absurd new decision!

It's almost the end of first term and our Mid-Years are getting near, but they still haven't decided whether our exam percentages will be out of 100 or 200... We as students have a right to know how our marks will be calculated! The only answers we get are Dunno, beats me, Lord knows, who knows? HELLO??!!!!! Ministry of Education... it's YOUR job to tell us!!!

Let's see... We have 3 oral exams for each of the eight subjects we take, 3 written exams, 4 lab exams, Final Mid-Years, homework, notebook inspection, behavior marks, and PROJECTS!!! Where the crap are we supposed to get all the time from??? Let's not forget the daily yelling, emotional put-downs, and marks-threatening. The Bootlicking attitude we have to fake kills me the most, cuz if you don't, your report card by the end of the year won't be looking that nice, will it?

The Projects ~ We honestly don't have time for projects! 80% - 90% of the students BUY their projects.. Yes, they buy them... each project costs around 300 DHS to 1000 DHS... depends... and you know where those projects end up? I bet you can guess... in the garbage! I'll post a picture of how all that money goes to waste sometime... 1000 DHS (about 300 dollars) can feed a family in Africa for a year MAN! So it's like the students BUY their marks. Look, I'm against the concept of buying your marks, but let's be frank, is there ANY other option the students have? I've only been in the UAE for around a year now (people please don't take it personally) but the education is horrible! The students were NEVER taught how to use their intellectual abilities, never taught how to use their creativity... nothing! And they expect them to make their own projects? For God's sake, the students here use a calculator to add 15 to 9!! Come on!

Again, I'm not blaming the students for being "unsmart", I'm blaming the people in charge. Put a kid in a jungle and another kid in a highly educated environment.. will jungle boy be capable of solving a complicated math question when he doesn't know the basics of math? Of course not! But bring the other child, he was raised and taught in the right environment therefore he was taught how to unlock his abilities and how to use his mind. Both children might be smart, the only difference is that the second child had a better chance of learning how to use the brain God gave him.

Don't expect the students to suddenly become smart and creative on their own during their senior year... they'll just pay for their marks. Simple, no?
I criticised... here's a suggestion, if you want to make a smart Emarati Youth, begin with a new generation since it won't work with the people mentioned above. Start with them from square one, step by step, it will work! Teach them, plant the right seeds, next thing you know they'll all be people who are helping our Ummah!

I wish I could sit with a Ministry official and tell him everything I think, I wish someone would hear us through, I'm trying to speak the student's minds.. Listen to us, stop testing things on us, if you aren't sure what you're doing and if you're not ready to do it... JUST DON'T DO IT!!! Fix the problem from its root, patching it up won't help...

There's so much to say, but I think this post is getting way too long, thanks for taking time to read it...

God Bless...
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    bsmela awal she
    b3den 7alawa b7b ashkorek 3ala hal blog, ana 3angad estmta3t feha

    back to subject :)
    ente ma3k el haq bele ktbteh
    3angad ka2no na7na fe2ran tagarob
    lo bdhom e6abqo el nezam lazem eblsho men el s3'al first b3aden ne7na
    ma 7'abe6 laze2 3alena
    bs mo 6ale3 be ell ed she
    so lazm nsbor w nd3e allah t7'los ha seny 3al 7'eer
    thanx again 7alawa 3ala el modo3 el ega bewa2to ..

    salamat nadia :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    and i am happy that i am the first one how put a comment on this topic

    salamoz .. nadia :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Hala, I´ve read your post, and I have to tell u that I totally agree with every single word u have written in there, although I don´t live in the Emirates, but anyway this things happens here also so...
    I would like to say that most politicians don´t know what their jobs are about, so they can´t work out the problems that come daily.
    I know how u are feeling right now cuz I was like u just some years ago, and u know I can´t lie to u in this; this is the worst year of the student´s life (counting university years too), not just because of the homework, exams, projects, etc; but also because no one is sure of what they are doing, and all this shit is because the stupid governments that are testing their "projects" on real people, as a student tests a "chemistry project" before putting it forward the class. But the difference is that if the student´s project fails the worst thing that would happen it´s gonna be a D in his/her report, but a failure in the projects of the government represents thousand of students that won´t know how to face their own problems in real life.
    I wish that all of u guys that are in this horrible school year can pass it with the best marks that u can get, I really wish u all the best, and never give up, ok?
    And Hala don´t get mad abut it in the future u will laught about this stupid year, I swear.
    (Sorry for my English if u can´t understand somethings or anything, I did my best).


  4. Tara Says:

    Wow hommie !! .. u always post the right subjects. and i rlly rlly wish we can do sth bout this matter that's gettin worse every single day . I no that we're seniors nd that we're supposed to have this BS, "it's only this year" ppl say to us, but seriously, it's gettin way beyond the expectations. but wut to do ?? if u found a way to deal with those "giant heads" plz let me be the first to know. but until that day all i can do is LAUGHIN coz frownin, cursin and yellin at the wrong ppl won't take us anywhere!! so just play HIGH until ... i donno until when !!

  5. khadooj Says:

    awwwwwwww what a cool mousey :')

    well it's all true for sure but to tell you the truth even unis are like that ... and not just in UAE in the whole arab world and in jordan nowadays they try to do systems of the USA where schools can't afford anything here ... and come on in the beginning of the school???!!! GOOD MORNING! and yeah high school with projects and exams together don't work ... and if they try to do american systems let them cancel the exams that determine your future-uni or subject to study in the uni!!!

    but mmm maybe if you can tell baba Ali or Amr khaled i dunno :/ ... they might listen to you :) ... or we can make our own school when we finish uni ;) ... and if they don't wanna change the stupid system in UAE then try to be adaptive ... like if you want you can girls share the same project to make it easier on you and try to organize your time so you can show them that they SUCK!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    wi7yaaaaaaaaat alla eshi mn 2l a5ir o kol 2l kalam saaaaaaaa7 bdna some1 to hear us... nd there is no one!!!! mshaaaaan alla er7amoona...
    thnx 7ala 3la hik post bijanin o 5aleeki hik o ni7na m3ik...
    hodhod abu 7ijleh...

  7. Anonymous Says:

  8. libero anima Says:

    i know what you're going through ..

    hmm ..
    i can give you only one advice from the things that 've learned in my senior year ..


    believe me if you don't have your goals straight in front of you, you'll forget your track ..

  9. Halawa Says:

    Thanks for the advice Anima! Trust me, I've tried all sorts of methods, but I guess you just reach a level you can't take ANYTHING!

    That was crashing point.