Belated Petra Post

"Last Thursday I experienced one of the most amazing adventures in my life entitled PETRA. I've been there before (3 years ago in 9th grade on my oh-so fun school feild trip -keywords: 9th Grade & School-) but this time, it was just out of this World. We (as in big bro, two cousins and me) gathered our gear the night before and started our road trip first thing in the morning. We barely noticed the 4 hours in the bus pass by (provide yourself with a brother annoyed by the smelly feet of the tourist sitting next to him and I assure you, time WILL pass by). "

Hit the brakes! *screech*... That was a month back, I've been too busy or rather not in the best position to post. So much has happened during this month. Before I get into my Adventurous August and its happenings, I'll share some snippets from our smelly-yet-incredibly-fun-infused trip =)

There she is.. The Treasury.

Yes, it looks weird, big bro is quite photogenic

Lunch & resting. This is where tours usually ends, but we decided to get our game together and keep going.

El Deir, the main reason we climed an hour and a half of stairs.. to see the shooting area of Transformers 2, I can assure you, we found no Matrix.. We did find a creepy Norweign couple who thought they could talk to donkeys though.

We found monkey boy too.
More pics:

It was an exhausting trip, yet I'd gladly go for it again. If you haven't visited Petra before, take my word for it; it is a MUST.
Will blog about my Adventurous August tomorrow Inshallah, this post is just too colorful to be part pooped by it.
4 Responses
  1. Roon Says:

    well done..

    Mashallah, ur good at documenting things..

    must've taken sometme..

    =) I guess Jordan is a nice place for vacation..

    Hope u do it again soon =)

  2. Mays Says:

    Woooww! This looks better & better everytime I hear about it!

  3. Halawa Says:

    Roon ~ Thanks.. It IS! You should totally have it on your to-visit list.

    Mays ~ We wished you were with us the whole time. I'm sure you'll go there one day (hopefully when I'm in the country) Ve vill rock Jordan's socks =D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You did it!!!!! You documented the whole trip!!!
    It was simply one of my favourite days in Jordan, I swear, I enjoyed as ever did there before without little bro!!!!
    Prepare yourself for next year, more stairs, more pics, more sweat...!!!!
    BTW my favourite part from Petra it's The Deir!!!!! It's way better than The Treasure!!!!
    I'm very happy that I could be in such a great pleace with you guys!!! It meant a lot for me.
    Mays what about coming next year with us??? ;D

    Peace!!!!!! XD