On self confidence...

I was sitting on the beach chair in my (failed) attempt to tan after enjoying a good hour of swimming at the ladies gym when out of nowhere this girl (very big girl mind you) heads towards the chair next to mine. All I can remember was the nausea and the bile making it's way up my throat, gulping it back I tried to focus on the screen of my mobile phone and NOT PANIC. Don't take me as a judgemental person YET. The thing is, she was wearing this bikini (or at least I hoped she was) that was literally stuck in between the layers of neatly folded fat. With every step her body jiggled in a very disturbing stomach-aching way. I could only imagine the different types of microscopic creatures that were living in between the folds... yes that's how FAT she is.

Now, I'm not claiming to be a super model or anything, I'm an overweight person myself, but I do my best to avoid capturing even MORE unintended attention (
IE: I NEVER wear a bikini while swimming, shorts and a tank top are just fine) but this girl was just challenging the whole world with her self confidence. Sure a girl should feel good about herself no matter what size she is but please not on the expense of other people's innocent eyes... I've been scarred for life.

Now that I've got that off my chest...

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming out VERY VERY soon. The release is on the 16th of July in the UAE, and on the 22nd here in Jordan, I am considering going back for a few days just to watch it IMAX... if only things were so simple. I haven't been this excited since Twilight's release... it's a shame I won't be doing anything special like we did for Twilight last December... I miss all my crazy UAE friends. But I'll be sure to carry a wand, paint a scar on my forehead and run around the mall on a broomstick. Yes I'm THAT self-confident, you see... I'm hurting no one yet expressing my passion for Harry Potter... THAT is okay, tight bikinis on fat people IS NOT (can't let it go)!

6 Responses
  1. First, I like the new layout. Its great !!

    I LOL-ed at that exciting story of yours XD The confidence is great, but as you said there are other people around. You are in a public place after all.

    I'm very excited for the new HP movie. I really really hope it doesn't get postponed *fingers crossed*. But am happy I get to see it before you XD

  2. Halawa Says:

    Thank you Saeed, i guess it's better than the black one.

    Happy u get to see it before me? *eyes narrow*.

    *unties Saeed's finger cross*. Well i hope u don't find any tickets till the 22nd XD.

  3. KJ Says:

    Well, it is a ladies gym. Which is why I go to a mixed gym. I already see enough strange things there so I wouldn't wanna imagine what a male only gym would be like!

    I actually am excited about this Harry film though I haven't seen the previous ones.

  4. Mays Says:


    And you shall have to waaaaaaait. 'till the 22nd.

    Sadly. I'll probably just go watch it alone. =(
    You were my only HP buddy here.
    I pity the person who sits beside me. =(

  5. Halawa Says:

    KJ ~ Haha, very wise decision and quite logical too. You really SHOULD watch the previous movies if you want to appreciate this one. It's all connected anyway. Welcome to my blog btw.

    Mays ~ Starts are very efficient symbols XD. Awwww huns! I expected you to come to Jordan, we could've watched it together. But worry not buddy, lets hope they keep it in IMAX until I visit =D.

  6. Beboo Says:

    Yeah Hala, express your HP passion!

    I'm so exited! I'm gonna watch it this thursday, you're gonna have to wait longer.. =P

    And I love the new design of your blog!