Happy Eid...?


Kul 3am wa antum be kheir first and foremost!

It was officially announced that today would be the first day of Eid Al-Fitr *yay* (other than the "5elef tu3raf countries). This is my first Eid away from home after 8 years and 16 Eids I celebrated with family and friends (when I say family, I mean EXTENDED family, you gotta love the Arab buffness).

I couldn't bear the fact that only my parents and siblings would be celebrating Eid so I tried to attract little kids to our house by making Eid cards and sticking them on the door (that didn't work out too well, half the block is currently upstairs).

Tried to act happy and put on that Eid smiley face, but that didn't dawn on my face until dad gave me my "Eidieh" (after many negotiations that he was the reason we came to the Emirates + extra taxes) I got this:

Gotta love dad huh? *grins*

I started seeing things better after El 3eedieh like the Eid cake mom made and of course THE JORDANIAN traditional plain, sugarless coffee (which I don't drink):

By half past eleven I was bored to death and decided to go back to non-other than my favorite spot in the house *drum rolls*, my happy place...

Today wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Not bad, but lonely... Listened to this song 20 times today, it pretty much expresses how I feel right now. It's called "Home" by Michael Buble.

2 Responses
  1. Fa6ma Says:

    Happiness in Eid is overrated. Blessed Eid is what I prefer. You can ask for happiness in Eid but you'll always feel that you have lost that nice feeling that new clothes and eidiah brings, simply because you are over-aged for Eid happiness!
    Hehe.. that is how I feel anyway.. A blessed Eid, a feeling that everything is stable, feels much better than a "happy Eid" that I'm not going to get =)

    I love that you're posting pictures!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yay 7ala ma a7la 1l 500 3diyeh mratabeh saaaaaaaaaaaa7...heheheh
    hodhod abu 7ijleh