AMAZING graphic designing

It's crazy how you might be searching for something and totally forget about what it was you were searching for in the first place. I was looking for some raw base graphics for a logo I was "trying" to make for a new group I created on Facebook. I eventually got bored and went on deviant art (and no I'm not an artist but I'm inspired with graphic arts made by others) and found AMAZING typography! I felt my mouth drop after seeing the amount of detail on each picture... it's what I call REAL ART!!

Check it out:

Here are a couple of my favorites:

It inspired me to start the blog I've always wanted. So here's my first post...Thought I'd share since I know most of my peeps LOVE stuff like this. ENJOY!

Peace, Hala.
3 Responses
  1. Dojanah Says:

    the 1st comment ;)
    really good job,
    liked the name of the blog, liked the darkness of it, although it will enlighten people around!
    keep it up, and looking forward to see more posts from you,

  2. Neelam Says:

    finally it allowed me on!!

    wow hala ur blog looks soooo goood, great, fantastic!
    i like the colours uve used on it mashAllah uve done a good job here.
    pretty cool
    this way i can get to know u more ;)
    i always wanted to make a blog but never got around to it
    maybe u can help me when ur free ;)
    i also wana say that most of the stuff u have said 'i agree'!
    hope to see much more from ya
    keep it up.


  3. I am glad that you enjoy my work, makes me happy whenever i read such encouragement from people =)! Thank you.

    My blog has been eating dust for a while now, due to my wireless problems during the last couple of weeks. But updates will come soon insha'Allah!

    Take care,