Friday night I had a rush of energy and decided to go watch Munshid Al Sharjah at the University City Hall which is about 5 minutes away from where I live. As usual, didn't get there on time due to reasons like asking my big bro to come with me. Having arrived late, we didn't find any posters for the Jordanian contestant we were supporting (Ahmed El Bayedh). Despite all the flashy bling-bling we see on TV, a stench of vomit lingered in the stands (clearly because of the huge number of children under the age of 10)....

Mashallah, the Munshideen had great voices, but NOTHING like the Jordanian Munshid *looks around to make sure no one watched Munshid El Sharjah:p*. No really, he had a really really nice voice, and only Talal, and a couple of other people in the front cheered him on. In the end, he was cut and I was REALLY upset because he deserved to stay a lot more than some of the other contestants :(.

Not only was I dissapointed, I was angry too because I had put up with all the smells and children kicking the back of my seat and staying up till 12:30 am which is totally not a habit for me and in the end for the guy I was supporting to be cut.... You do NOT wanna see my face LOL. Here's one of the pics I took, sorry, forgot my camera in the car, so I had to use a mobile phone, this was the only "clear" picture.
2 Responses
  1. Dojanah Says:

    COOOL lucky you, I really want to get there some time, either ways "one of the audience or a contestant! lol"

    well the jordanian one was good, but there are some better ones to be honest!

    keep it up and keep updating us about everything you go through, and make those "Munshid and sharja" visits more frequent!

  2. Fa6ma Says:

    It's nice to attend.. I would rather a musical though =D