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Ramadan is a special month for Muslims all around the world. During this month we fast from Dawn until Sunset. It is a test of patience and somehow a way of feeling how less fortunate people feel.

So it's day 17 of Ramadan today and I really can't believe it, time just flew by like that *snaps fingers*. After helping mom out with the Iftar, and while the table was groaning from the weight of food over it, I was about to switch over to Sharjah TV so we could see the cannon go off when I saw a commercial for a show called "Khawater". I was interested to learn more about it. So at 7:15 UAE time, I put on MBC1...

Mashallah, a young man, but such powerful WORDS! I love listening to things we as teenagers, young men / women and the whole new generation can relate to. Unlike what most "Sheikhs or Religious guys" say, he MAKES you listen. I just love it. Turns out the show's been on for a couple of years now, shame I didn't learn about it earlier.

So here are some links for the first episodes, each one doesn't last more than 10 minutes which means you can certainly cut out 10 minutes out of your 1440 minutes you've got everyday, no?

Episode 1:
Part one
Part two

Episode 2:

You kind find all of them here

Or you can watch the show on MBC1 daily at 18:15 KSA, 15:15 GMT.

Oh and sorry to all my friends who don't understand Arabic... I'll try translating them during my Eid holiday Inshallah. Until then ya'll have to wait. If any of you guys wanna help out, leave a comment, we can divide the episodes between us. Thanks!

Hope ya'll like it!
Peace, Hala
4 Responses
  1. khadooj Says:


    i love this show A LOT i'm telling you people this show and Amr khaled's are awesome masha'Allah ... btw ahalol i'm translating amr khaled's one :D

  2. Halawa Says:

    Really Khadooj??

    Tab niiiiiiice! You didn't tell me before *glares at Khadooj*!!!!

    Great! When are you posting it?

  3. Dojanah Says:

    yeh khawater is certainly a powerful close to the heart show that get the one eyes focused on TV for the whole show!

    but unfortunately, I don't have much time to watch TV, and the only time is late at night for about an hour...

    I would like to help you Hala, but really busy these days :S

    nice post and keep it up

  4. khadooj Says:

    woooooooow DJ is here too :D hahahaha

    yeah ahalol i did already post the 1st episode on youtube ;)