And the show goes on

I woke this morning on the sound of my 8 year old brother crying... over chocolate. I was having the same dream that's been playing on while I've been asleep for a couple of days now.. It starts with me & some people I don't recognize sitting in a small room when suddenly we hear a low groaning sound and we fall through the floor... I wake up after that.

Reality came shouting at me when I compared the reason my brother was crying & the tears that were falling on a child's cheeks in Gaza, I felt really angry with myself, angry with the human race.. JUST PURE ANGER!

The situation over there really makes me want to change so many things about myself, including the things I waste my time over.. Maybe less time on distractions & more time regarding my religious faith. I want to face reality more & more every minute, I want to DO something, I want to make a change, in myself first, then the people around me, and then the World, I want to scream out loud... make myself heard more than ever, I want to defend innocent people and help the ones with open wounds.. I want peace.. I want the truth to show... I want change.. and I know that none of that will happen without FAITH!


- Deaths have gone up to 776 Martyrs and 3150 injured Gazans. And still, the Western Media is twisting the facts...

- Hosni Mubarak... *censored*. OPEN RAFAH!!!! OPEN RAFAH YOU TRAITOR!!!! OPEN IT! No one's asking him to fight with the Gazans against Israel!!! Just open Rafah let the Muslims and people who are willing to help enter, let the donations enter, let the Medical crew ENTER! JUST OPEN RAFAH!! *****censored***** 5asa MBARAK!

- John Ging,
UNRWA Director of Operations in Gaza emphasized on the fact that there were NO MILITANT ACTIVITIES in the schools (which had been turned into shelters) that were shelled kiling dozens of innocent refugees.


- The Red Cross says that Israeli troops are preventing it from reaching the injured & their paramedics are being tageted and killed.
Avital Leibovich replies that "they would be more than happy to have the complaint and check it".
*snorts* EFFING LIARS!!!!! What she said will be taken by the Western Media and somehow it'l be twisted to show the Israeils as the peacemakers, the good guys, the ones who care about Gaza's interests.


- Israel claims that Hamas is using Gazans as "Human Sheilds". DAMN YOU ISREAL! DAMN YOU! If your claim is so effing right WHY DON'T YOU STOP KILLING THE YOUNG CHILDREN!!!!????
This father says that his son was killed by SNIPERS!!!! They're targetting LITTLE KIDS!

I say: THE PEOPLE ELECTED HAMAS, the PEOPLE aren't complaining about Hamas, they are complaining about the murderers, the "new NAZIS", THE ZIONISTS! Not ONE Gazan is against what Hamas is doing, they don't want their loved ones to die in vain! I would want revenge, I WANT revenge!


- Children are being left without food, water & in ruble sitting next to their dead parents' bodies for more than 4 days & ISRAELI troops know that, but won't let humanitarian aid reach them.
In this video a medic says that they entered homes where they found decomposed bodies along with injured people. They found around 20 bodies in one of the houses they entered, 7 of them were women and 6 were bodies of children.

- The UNRWA has decided to suspend the distribution of food to over 750000 Palestinians who depend on it because of the death of one if its drivers by Israeli troops.


- This is what I call the true Palestinians.. the ones who make me proud that there are still good Muslims, Muslims who sacriface their own children for the Country, for el watan... The woman who is mourning her son at 0:36 is crying "For the country my child, for the country, May Allah be with you".. her son was bombed in front her.. May he rest in Peace God willing.


And this is what I call a real leader:

Chavez ordered Israel's ambassador expelled from the country"... read here
YEAH! That way, you make a LOT o people just a little satisfied... Arab leaders.. thinking anytime soon? *clenchs jaw*.

United Arab Emirates Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al-Nahayan said his country will donate money to rebuild the three UNRWA schools that were destroyed in Israeli Air Force strikes in Gaza.. read more here.

Al Hamdulilah, they're helping.

How you can help too?

You can donate money to the following account numbers:

003520534675401- Dubai Islamic Bank
20000417 - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Or visit the Red Cross charities across the Emirates at:
Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society, Al Ain Cooperative Society, Bani Yas Cooperative Society, Al Falah Plaza, Al Safa Center in Al Ain, Dubai City Center, Sharjah City Center.

Also Aramex
is organizing an emergency donation campaign to support Gaza, you can drop your donations off at the following locations:

Mall of Emirates, Deira City Center, Sharjah City Center, and Ajman City Center.

Long live Gazans, long live Muslims and long live the truth... Allahu Akbar! GOD IS GREAT!


3 Responses
  1. Mays Says:

    I really don't know what to say. I know I tired to let it out in writing, too. But I guess sarcasm isn't as satisfying as pure lashing anger.

    I agree about the people not complaining about Hamas. Hamas should go on & show us what it has in store. UN's Cease Fire negotiations are all bull. All it would do is put it all on hold, send the Palestinians in Gaza back into the starved state they were in. The only change would be that instead of the people dying as martyrs instantaneously, they'll be dying of petty wounds & sicknesses in the under supplied hospital or from hunger or some other very petty reason. It will be back to that horrible existence, or lack thereof. I say Hamas, get on with it & rid The Gazians from this already.

  2. khadooj Says:

    for me i don't agree to let hamas go on and she doesn't have anything good left ... coz it will just make israel kill more kids while they gonna do nothing :/ but if they have power let them fight it's their land ... but i'm just worried about the normal gazans people

    and about killing the young kids mom said that their plan might be killing a whole generation so they won't be much people to fight in next years

    but for me ... i dunno ... Allah knows more and i believe that now it's just ... i mean he's the only one who can finish it all

  3. Ahmed Says:

    7assbona Allah wani3ma lwakeel.