How Blind?

I'm exhausted, literally. Today is the 9th day of war on Gaza and I've been spending a lot of my time glued to Al Jazeera my eyes bulging out of their sockets each time a new attack occurs. The death toll has raised up to +483 HUMANS. This is a full scale massacre and Arab leaders are doing absolutely NOTHING! Don't tell me that sending a couple of tons of Medicine is considered help.. that's just bullshit! We are talking about 24 Arab countries.. TWENTY FOUR! 325 MILLION people.. let's just say 2 million are willing to defend Palestine, they're ready to die for their brothers! It's impossible that two bitches like Livni and Rice are controlling **** CENSORED****

24 -----! Well I say and quote from The Kite Runner "Urinate ......." men who are incapable of making a decision, men who fear standing in the face of the enemy and for ONCE in their lives fulfilling the oaths they've taken. There's a lot I'd rather write, but keep in mind, there's nothing called freedom of speech as long as you speak the truth.

Livni says "There's no humanitarian crisis in Gaza"... nope sure isn't, the +2500 injured hungry people are just joking around, you know screaming their lungs out just for the camera... yeah the little CHILDREN who aren't expecting to wake up once the fall asleep at night after crying every last tear out at their CIVILIAN dad whose brain got splattered all over the wall trying to get them bread to eat. Nope no humanitarian crisis at all.

What about the people who died at the mosque? I cried my eyes out last night after watching this child die on International TV choking on his own blood... he was praying people! Praying to God to make things better... I say Al Hamdulilah, he's a martyr Inshallah. What better death is there than one in the house of Allah?

What about his mom though?

Even education couldn't make it through. My friend from Gaza, Lina, shared some photos of her now-in-rubble University.

Imagine it being your University, or your mosque, or your brother, or your family & your country.. what would it feel like? Put yourself in their shoes for once... so just leave your PS3, or your favorite TV drama, and pray for them people.. just pray, it's the least you can do.

7asbi Allah Wa Ne3m Al Wakeel!

My heart bleeds with Gaza.
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  1. sadia Says:

    may allah give the muslimeen strength to stand up for what we beileve in and fight in HIS way.

  2. Mays Says:

    Some of the things people dare say about this crisis make me hear my blood boiling in my ears. "No humanitarian crisis in Gaza"? I'm sorry, do we both live on teh same planet? is there a Gaza out there on Mars? Because if what going on in Gaza (the one on this planet) not a humanitarian crisis, I dunno what the f*&k is.
    Seriously, if those people were a bunch of homeless pets, someone would've stopped this whole thing ages ago.

  3. ana yannait when i heard levni's comment!!

    i dont understand how they can be so blind!

  4. Halawa Says:

    Amen Sadia.

    Mays ~ She's the planning mind behind it all. Does she have kids? I don't think such a cold-blooded bitch could really. I'm searching Gaza Mars... This turned up:

    I can't see it though cuz it's sharing. Tell me what is it?

    Dandoon ~ Ana "yannit weyach". They're not blind, they know what's happening cuz THEY're doing it. She's just enforcing the western media.

  5. khadooj Says:

    pfff :/

  6. Leigh Says:

    Livni and the Israeli government need to keep the world thinking there is no humanitarian crisis. Of course, they're not doing a good job of it, but... They know there would be more pressure on them to end this if it were officially announced that there was a humanitarian crisis. This is such shit, because it only means more will die. Israel can't deny the crisis much longer, when there is so much evidence of suffering.

  7. Fa6ma Says:

    Nobody needs to ask nobody if there is a humanitarian crisis in Ghaza or not, it's SO DAMN OBVIOUS!!
    That is one of the reasons I don't think 2009 will be a good year..