I know I've been idle for a while now... It's the holiday I tell you, probably been one of the least productive ones I've had, that is unless you consider developing a new obsession an achievement.

The New Obsession

I'm not going to rant away about it, it'll just be a waste of space and a bunch of OMG's & incoherent vocabulary put together.

- Gaza is recovering (somehow).

- Obama is being, erm pretty active. His first interview as President was with Al Arabiya (and we ALL know how reliable Al Arabiya is *clears throat*). It was quite a move really..

- Erdogan is 3a rasi. I salute him.. Bravo! I like what he did in Davos and I think he can set a good example for the rest us who want to speak their minds.

- Guys who pluck their eyebrows out can go swallow knives! Yes, that came up randomly mostly because there are things you can't shove down my throat.

- We're back to school after tomorrow... Don't get me started on that, this is going to be one long semester.

I have nothing to write about really, the good stuff happens when I get back to my life.

2 Responses
  1. Tara Says:

    lol mofo. oook 1 by 1 !! heheh new obsession !! oh well i'm expecting alot of jumpin and OMGs tom. heheheh lol gd 4 u !! bout GAZA thank you allah that it's becomin better (hope that my site contributed somehow). bout obama hmmm all i have to say is "He SEEMS as a nice dude..hope that it's for real".. bout that Erdogan !! well wish i cud say the same but i donno him, sooo i'm gonna quote from u !! lol i trust ur opinion "3a RASI" heheheh lol . and omg omg omg lmaooooooooooooo bout this one !! guys who pluck thier eyebrows hehehehehehhehe lmao 4 real they shud go burry themselves with Dogs, but that wud b offensive to DOGS heheheheh lmao. OH nd save the best for last !! SKOOOOOOOL ye3ye3 and wow wow i donno why is that WOW !! it's confusing rlly. heheheh i just wanna c that look on 3isam's face heheheh i had a nightmare bout his disappointment ! nd i can't say anything bout math .. HE SHOULD BE EXPECTING IT heheheh lol .. ok now i'm talkin to lolo nd she just reminded me that i have to prepare the BAG !!!!!! eeeeeew lol so i'm off now l8rz

  2. Ruby Woo Says:

    This is in response to your twilight day:


    Bas mine looks better, I'll post it lol it has Edward on the front with his piercing stare! One more thing, is it just me or are you having dreams about him too?

    Every two days I swear I have dreams about him, like yesterdays dream was him in a submarine while I was tanning on the beach, so he told me to dive down the sea and meet him in his sub and I DID! It was soooooooo real lool I didn't want to wake up at all. I don't mind being in a coma if I'm dreaming about him the whole time ;p

    ifff bas enough with the edward madness, i'm going crazy!