Day 2 + 3 of the Campaign

Salamz guys,

I wasn't in the mood to post about the second day last night mostly because it wasn't exactly my day. We got our result yesterday, yes THE RESULTS of all results. It was quite a shock when I heard about my average, the marks had dropped noticeably all around the Emirates; well YEAH, they will when you make weird assumptions that the students can somehow improvise despite the the observations I previously talked about. Anyways I'm pretty satisfied now after all the support I got and the way people put it for me, Al Hamdulilah.

Yesterday (the second day of the campaign) was HECTIC! We packed 25,000 hygiene kits! Just shout for something you need and you'll see it hurling your way in NO TIME! Everyone WANTS to help, and the spirit they have cannot be described & yet again people of all nationalities & religions showed up! I met truly inspirational people & a couple of bloggers too.

Yesterday was NOTHING compared with today, 3200 people attended so the place was packed! We got so much work done! To be quite honest, I'm totally spent and I just feel like throwing myself on the nearest surface, I'll leave you with some photos & videos.

After we were done, we tidied up

At work

After the storm

Oh oh, and SHOUT OUTS to the ladies & gents in the group I was leading! Table 20, you guys were amazing! Very cooperative and responsive! I want to see you guys tomorrow Inshallah!

I'm off for now!

4 Responses
  1. libero anima Says:

    me and my family wanted to go there yesterday, but we didn't unfortunately .. we were going on account of the UAE down syndrome association to come and help out .. i personally couldn't make it, but other people from the association came ..
    have u seen them there ?..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Halaa.. Misbah here.. yes, I did tell you i was going to check out your blog and here i am, and hey i loved working with you as well. Hope to see you sometime this week :)

  3. Halawa Says:

    Libero Anima ~ No actually I didn't... wait, were they wearing any special shirts representing their organization?

    Misbah!!!! Habbiiiibbbtiiii! You're such a sweetheart! Inshallah Inshallah, I'll see if I can make it Tuesday, but till now, it's pretty impossible, I'm dead, mentally :p
    You were the best team buddy ever!