Dubai Cares Campaign - Day 1

Salamz everyone!

Yesterday was the first day of the Dubai Cares Campaign, volunteers were called in to assemble School & Hygiene Kits & it was NOTHING like I expected.

It was quite an adventure for us (my dad & mom dropped me off), we left Sharjah at 3:30 p.m. and I got to DIFC at nearly 5:10, why? Mostly because I've NEVER seen so many DETOURS in one place IN MY LIFE! Example: The detour roads have two lanes and if you're not familiar with all the last-second lane choice you'll end up totaled with a metal bar. So I say "dad go left", mom says "go right", and the GPS says: You are not on a road =_='... Go figure.

No worries, once I got there my jaw pretty much dropped out of place after seeing the building, you feel so tiny standing next to those Skyscrapers! Everything is just so.. huge!

And the people inside, straight out of a movie, you know... The rich Armani-wearing business man who eventually ends up committing suicide? They were scattered all over the place! Me and my sister would get weird glares but I'd just beam back in return, it actually felt good giving the place a little color, everyone was so neutral & sour-faced.

Took 15 minutes to find the Emperor Hall, we got lost in "The Gates", found another lost volunteer and continued searching.. we got there thanks to a security guy (aren't they always lifesavers?).

Hundreds of people showed up, there were HEAPS of bags to fill and stack & the best part was that everyone was cooperative, men, women, teenagers, children, Arabs, non-Arabs, all sorts of colors gathered for ONE noble reason... For Gaza.

Each bead of sweat that rose on every forehead was worth a LOT, for a moment or two when we could have a minute off before another load came I would look around and suddenly feel a lump swell in my throat, I couldn't tell whether I was overwhelmed with the fact that there were so many people who wanted to help, or because I felt that still, this was the very least we could do...

They called it a wrap at around 7:00, more work got done than expected. There's still more work to do today & Friday, so try to make it if you didn't have the chance yesterday.

The weather was amazing at night, reminds with being back home in Amman, only difference is the scenery; crop out the skyscrapers, Corvettes and Lamborghinis and there you have it!

I'll be there today Inshallah too, my big brother wants to tag along, the more, the better. Try to bring your friends & family :)

6 Responses
  1. love anything for a good cause!

    on the bright side: ur not gonna get lost today x

  2. Its great that you've volunteered !!!! I received an email about DIFC and thought it was a brilliant idea - will do my best to help out on Friday.


  3. Mays Says:

    I'm so damn jealous. *scowls*
    I feel so useless, & I just want to vent all this out!
    But nooooo, my cousin's uncle (erm, that sounds weird in English, you know how it is) had dies two weeks ago, & my parents just WANTED to go to the "official" 3aza today. Again.
    I don't mean to sound so cruel, but still.
    Though from the response I got from dad first time I asked, I wouldn't've gone even if they didn't go. One of those days, I'll get my license & a car, & they'll scarcely see my face again.

  4. O Says:

    Hello stranger :)

    Was quite hectic today, but there were waaay too many people, heard that 3,000+ people showed up, and ironically, most weren't Arabs...

  5. Halawa Says:

    Fastidious Babe ~ Ahahaha, sure didn't get lost the next day LOL!

    Saeed ~ Inshallah, bring family & friends too, although this is a late reply, there's still more work Sunday to Tuesday.

    Mays ~ Haha, not many Arabic expressions work that great when translated to English :p Yeah Yeah, I'm looking forward to that day... they day that will *cough remain cough cough in your cough dreams cough*.

    O ~ yeah yeah stranger XD
    Welcome to my blog!

  6. Starlight<3 Says:

    Ohh, I was there =)

    & it was such an amazing experience even if it wasn't much that I did.