We ended 2008 with this

Despite the fact that I decided not to post anything new on my blog until I'm done with my finals... I realized that we began the New Year this morning.

So much has happened during the past week.. and words are not enough to express the anger that resides inside me, so you can just take a look yourself:

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I don't know how blind the World can be, but it seems that it's rare to find people blessed with eyesight.

May God be with Gaza and its people.

4 Responses
  1. i agree...

    its such a sad way to start the year =(

    kil3am wenty b5air dear =)

  2. Tuwams Says:

    Aah.. Inshallah things will change this year from worse to better..

    Allah Y9abrhoum inshallah

  3. Halawa Says:

    Dana ~ O enti b5eir 7abibti :)

    Tuwams ~ Amen. We all feel for them, but we can't do anything except praying & Du3a2.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    7araaaaaaam...I feel so sad to see these pictures =(