Farewell with a size 10...

You have NO idea how much respect this man! I find it the PERFECT way to express his farewell to none other than our beloved pig Bush... YES my friends, from now on... shoe industries will be flourishing since it makes a HELL load of people happier.

Let me say that shoes can sometimes be more effective than mass destructive weapons... WAY MORE EFFECTIVE!

"Let me talk about the guy throwing the shoe, it is one way to gain attention"
Sure is baby! If a size 10 shoe speeding your way doesn't gain YOUR attention, I don't know what WILL!

This dude just summed it all up for me...

I hope it made you smile!
Sa7tein of 3afieh...
3 Responses
  1. Mays Says:

    I'm completely horror-struck!

    Don't get the wrong idea, I loved it! He deserved it! & Al Jazeera TV made a little documentary about how throwing a shoe in your face is humiliating even if it didn't hit you, especially in our culture. Haha! It was just hilarious, "his highness" docking like a husband from a vase! HAHAHA

    Anyway, What I can't stop thinking about is the guy's yells when he got beaten up! Dad keeps telling me to stop freaking out over him because he's a political journalist, not a teenager who simply lost his temper, without thinking of the consequences.

    He's amazing! So brave!
    But, seriously, man! I feel like kicking some of those freakin' body guards!

  2. as i was saying...

    this dude has alotta guts! ;)