How lame can you get?

Lamer.. please?

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  1. Mays Says:

    Seriously, if I could see my own face when I was watching, I bet it would be very similar to that...


  2. J o u J a™ Says:

    what the hell is that :S
    waied ynrfz :S

  3. Bliss Says:

    i hate this song -___-

  4. Halawa Says:

    Sadia ~ Bleh is overrated lol.. you're complementing the song;)

    Mays ~ Trust me, I know the face you were making while watching it haha.

    Jouja ~ It's pretty much what every ignorant non-Arab who has watched this video thinks about us. And yes, b3raf enno bnrfiz. Super sa5afih.
    And welcome to my blog :)

    Bliss ~ I can relate to that lol. Welcome to my blog!

  5. Tuwams Says:

    wth? and dubai's name is also mentioned in the lyrics..
    you've got to be kidding me!

  6. im turning sadia's bleh into my ble5! ;)

  7. Halawa Says:

    Tuwam ~ Not only Dubai, Busta Rhymes mentions Waleed Bin Talal, Arafat and many other important Arab figures... Did you know that the chorus was originally aired on a British Radio Station in its original version? In that version, instead of the weird Hindi or whatever it is that's said, there's a Quran Aya. But it caused so much controversy that Busta Rhymes was taken into court by an Islamic Front.

    I was glad really. There are things you don't dwell with. Here are the lyrics:

    Dandoon ~ Welcome to my blog dear.

  8. maryam Says:

    i love this song :D


    its so awesome. i love the video aswell

    and representing BAGHDAD AND IRAQQQ

    its a bit of fun, and im happy that it shows the rest of the wrold that arabs arent muslim militants who are called 'dirty arabs'.

    we have flaws we have richness we are like the west so let them not look down on us. we have so called 'fun' what they see as fun in their own eyes.

    and the original was without the begininng of al fatiha. it was a remix with al fatiha. there have been like 3 different versions, the original was ayrab now the new is arab. one had parts of the fatiha in it with akon and stuff.

    im just surprised busta knows the quran! (low blow i know lol)

    at least hes goin public bout his religion so he respected in one aspect i guess

    ahh i love the fact that most of these big artists un known o the west and east are muslim

    busta, akon, jackson, and many more

  9. Maryam Says:

    oh btw I forget to say :D ive had one for a long time but havent updated for long xx

  10. Halawa Says:

    Maryam! YOU NEVER TOLD ME *smacks Maryam on her neck*! You better start updating more often, I'll be checking *glares*.

    Well Maryam, yeah he's reppin Iraq and all, but it's not what we need right now, I mean there are many better ways to represent Muslims and Arabs and all that. I was actually given this link by an old friend of mine who lives in the USA, and she was like, Hala, tell me, do you guys really spend most of your time spending money and fooling around? I never thought you people could "actually be fun" :s ... hahahah I was like okaaaaay.

    Yeah ye5zi el 3ein, most of them are Muslim, but I guess they just represent us badly. I mean based on Busta's previous songs and him going public with his religion and all, it's not for OUR best interest for a guy like him to be the face o Islam.

    I'm no going to say how good or bad he is of a Muslim, but let me say this, I don't enjoy watching half naked women dancing around a brother who says I'm Muslim. Leave it there, Allah yehdi el jamee3!

    And lol... I'm glad he's heard of the Quran too!

  11. Maryam Says:

    True say true say hala.

    But ive seen much worse than this with muslims. just the fact that its not as worse as other things.

    i like how certain artists keep it real and show that they are down to earth like wow is this really islam? for instance, you guessed it lupe fiasco. Hes not the perfect image for islam as he always says but he keeps it real with what he does and stuff and you dont see him drinking dancing around with girls, singing about having sex and shit like that. mucho respect to him though.

    times are getting worse, and if we keep pushing these type of people out of ourselves then its going to be even worse, I know muslim women here who feel liberated talking about how we shouldnt wear hijab and how this islam most people have is demeaning, yes they are muslim! one kinda famour person was disowned by her family and she didnt care :S she chose fame and that lifestyle over her fam and then went public about how she was demeand as a muslim and whatever.

    disgusting the pictures of her drinking at premiers, wearing or not wearing so much clothes, lingerie modeling, real liberating having disgusting men look at you like a piece of meat right?