Eid Al Adha

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Yeah well, this is my second Eid in the UAE, I've really stopped expecting anything fun. We have no relatives here which makes things a lot more boring (*coughs* and decreases the 3edieh income)... The weather was amazing yesterday morning; sunny with a fresh breeze!

Doesn't it make you want to sing?

Didn't I promise myself I wouldn't hang any Eid greetings on the door due to what happened last time? Yeah well, it was too gloomy.. and mom made me lol. But I shooed all the kids away, guess what they did? The climbed on a tree in front of our house and pulled it down.. poor tree! Imagine if I'd let monsters like THAT into my room!

Nothing too fancy..

I decided to take my little siblings out instead of sitting home all day.. well not really "out", here out = mall. Dad dropped us off at Sahara to watch Bolt and have lunch. I guess they enjoyed their time, a couple of my friends tagged along and brought their siblings too.

That's my lil bro Saif

They really enjoyed it, HA.. I'd like a dog like Bolt.. so cute!

The employees at Grand Sahara recognized me since I'd watched Twilight for the second time the day of Al Waqfeh with my brother. They were like... "Aren't you the Twilight girl? Don't tell us you're here to watch it for the third time?". "No, no, of course not" *has an internal argument with herself about whether I should or not :p*... I'll just wait for the DVD I guess.

Dad gave me my Eidieh, I guess I'm buying a guitar after my Mid-Years are over Inshallah and whatever is left (if anything is left) I'll use to get myself some books.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Eid Inshallah?

5 Responses
  1. sadia Says:

    aww...hanging out eid decorations is such a cute idea!
    and your siblings are so cute mashallah!

    lol @ out here being the mall >_<

    lol @ twilight girl!

  2. Lalla Mona Says:

    Awww u r such a fun person mwa7

    Honestly, I'm surprised, u only saw it twice!!! u r getting better hun(thank god) hehe

  3. khadooj Says:

    hahahaha mona :D "u r getting better"

    what about my money?? u said u gonna share damn it !!!

  4. Halawa Says:

    Sadia ~ Thanks.. the one wearing red is my bro Saif and the girl in the back wearing blue is my lil sis Saba.

    Mona ~ I'm improving lol :p!

    Khadooj ~ next year if I come home INshallah, I'll share it all ;)

  5. Fa6ma Says:

    I spent Eid day in Iran and I couldn't recognize which day was Eid aslan =p .. o hubby's dad is sick in the hospital, so not a real Eid for me!!
    ~Prayers for him =)