The Aftermath....


The school was buzzing with the news today, nearly everyone was talking about how they joined a facebook group that supported Mr. Zaidi, or about signing an online petition to free him, I could even hear the first graders' roars of laughter in the background while listening to some music on my iPod on my way to school... I spent nearly half an hour debating with my math teacher about my point of view (I bet a lot of people were happy they didn't take a math lesson today) which ended up with both of us insisting on our opinions and him involving irrelevant mathematical terms. (I must admit that he was saying good stuff, but he seeks perfection that doesn't exist in our world).

Anyway, I guess I'm getting too obsessed with the whole thing.. Come on, don't tell me you've never vowed to "stick your foot up Bush's nostrils if you ever had a chance" while having a heated political conversation with your friends!

I was reading some articles about the incident when I came across this one...

Saddam Hussein's former lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi said he was forming a team to defend Zaidi and that around 200 lawyers, including Americans, had offered their services for free.
I guess a lot of people like him *wiggles eyebrows*. The general reaction is pretty positive in Mr. Zaidi's interest... not only Arabs, Westerners too. I'd bet loads of Americans would like to have a swing at him too!

An Iraqi lawyer said Zaidi risked a minimum of two years in prison if he is prosecuted for insulting a visiting head of state, but could face a 15-year term if he is charged with attempted murder.
*smirks*... didn't know you could murder someone with a shoe... O_o... I gotta try that one!

Over and OUT (to throw some shoes)

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  1. sadia Says:

    murder with a shoe?
    that's unfair!

  2. Maryam Says:

    they are just playing it up, I read the same article as well.

    Like they played up about there being protests for this guy only.

    There were protests because of other reasons, and within this they brought up the issue of that guy.

    I hate it when the media and news don't give people the actual news!

  3. khadooj Says:

    maaaaaaaaaan i wanna try it ... just to shoot it right!!! just if one of those shoes went right straight on his head grrrr

    dad said the size of the shoe was 100% as bush's head LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!

    poor him :/ may Allah help him !!

  4. Mays Says:

    I thought what he did was just super cool. Now that I'm getting over him getting beaten up, I'm just thinking how exciting it must feel! Even if he's dreading whatever consequences he's gonna face, it must be so exciting! It's like something some idiot teenager would do, & not regret it no matter how he gets punished (not that he's an idiot teenager or anything. I'm just saying how I personally relate to it. XD)

    Murder with a shoe! HAHAHAHAHA!! I did hear about that. It was just hilarious.

    & I also heard about the 200 lawyers, including Americans volunteering to defend his case. It's just amazing!

    Just check the comments the video of this incident has on Youtube. Everyone is cheering him up!

  5. khadooj Says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaah they have to cheer him up !!!

    everyone is going to!

    oh btw dad said that bush from now on gonna do his conferences and meetings in masjids ... because there are no shoes!! AHAHAHAHAHAH XD

  6. aham shay attempted murder ;Pp

    and loool @ khadooj's dad ;)

  7. SouS Says:

    murder:P hahahahahaha man if the poor guy thought he could kill bush with a shoe he must be dreaming, unfortunately bush is kinda indistructable, did anyone see how he ducked?

  8. Karamilah Says:

    wallah ystahal something bigger than a shoe to be it by.

    unless you through a pair of high heels made of steel, then u might consider murder with a shoe. lol.

  9. Halawa Says:

    Sadia ~ Well hummeh 5ayfeen 3ala 3alb Bush el jameel, you know, he's a sensitive guy.. think marshmallows :p

    Maryam ~ When do we EVER get the truth from the media?

    Khadooj... I posted a link for a game on facebook, you playes it right? Here's another one just in case you still want to play!
    OMG.. your dad! Salmi 3aleh ballah!

    Mays ~ I know! It's like the high after injecting *shrugs shoulders* hahaha... that sounded a bit out of context lol. Of course everyone's cheering him! You saw my previous post, the second video... that guy puts it right!

    Sometimes I understand how hard it to be a Texan... *tut tut*... Bush is just STUPID... really, I can't find a word that can desribe him better than that. I can barely put a sentence together and he "deflects questions".. lol AXIS OF EVIL!

    Dandoon ~ Tab3an tab3an... el attempted murder... crap, I guess I'm wanted all over the world!

    Sous ~ he's got some good reflexes.. you know.. knee jerk reflex :p

    Karamilah ~ Steel stilettos it is then... yallah ladies! 3alehom!

  10. libero anima Says:

    loooooooooooooool !!

    don't you know we are terrorists ?=p

    they'd accuse us with such accusations even if we were holding tissues in our hands =p

    arrogant people ..

  11. Halawa Says:


  12. Anoosa Says:

    the link didnt show on the comment could you try again??? thnx!!
    is it all the books??