Time Out

I couldn't help the tears falling, I guess I've become too attached to my mom... She's going back home today to visit grans and every other person I love over there. I'm overwhelmed by so many emotions right now; sadness, fear, nervousness.. I can feel I lump in my throat, just hate it. I know she'll only be away for two weeks, but it seems more like a decade to me...

7abibti Mama, she takes care of everything before leaving, I was just in the kitchen to drink some water and I spotted a couple of papers she left behind with full instructions on what to eat everyday, she's made us a week of food supply with the warmth of her hands. Crap, I'm crying again... It's weird for me because I'm never this sensitive... it's not like I've never been away from mom... dunno, maybe it's just the heat of my Tawjihi exams that are coming up. She felt all guilty about leaving when she found out she wouldn't be there for my first Mid-Year, but I want her to be happy, she needs some time off; this year has been hectic.

Well, this is going to be a good chance to test my "emotions stamina" and it'll effect the choice I'll be making in a few months on where to study University... here (with dad and big bro), or back home (with mom and little siblings)... so far, based on my reactions, it's weighing towards #2.

Speaking of future decisions and all that stuff that's kept me daydreaming and stressed 76% of the time... I won't be posting until I'm done with my finals... make Dua'a and wish me luck please, and if you see me posting comments anywhere, or coming online on msn or facebook.. you have FULL permission to SCOLD ME!

Merry Christmas to all non-Muslim readers (yes that's you Missy) and Happy New Year in forward.. May the coming year bring joy, smiles and warmth of family of friends Inshallah.

Take Care everyone!
Over & Out.. to cry a bit more.
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  1. El Hazard Says:

    Allah ywafgich in ur finals! And I hope ur mom has a safe trip inshallah =)

  2. khadooj Says:

    awwwwww ... it's gonna be ok hun :) ... just trust yourself ... and your mom is safe in my country lool :)

    and make her proud of you and do as much as u can in the exams ;)

    lub u lots xxxx
    oh btw. don't worry about scolding you hahahahah it's my favorite part as an older sis LOOOL

  3. asoom Says:

    inshallah you'll be alright, just try to stay focused. how long is she gone for?

  4. Halawa Says:

    El Hazard, Dandoon & Asoom ~ Thanks for the support girls *hugs them all*... I know I sound pathetic being all weepy and stuff... But, it's been a good experience so far.. quite challenging.

    And thanks for the wishes too <3

    Khadooj ~ I know she's in good hands :D
    Inshallah Inshallah, I'm trying my best to focus on my studies.. kheir Inshallah.

    I knew you'd say that.. having a chance to scold me and not use it? You wouldn't be Khadooj otherwise! Go ahead... SCOLD ME! I just posted a comment *runs for life*

    Asoom, mom's gonna be away for two weeks *waits for Asoom to give me "the look"*.. it's just hard to be away from her right now.. exams and all that crap.

  5. khadooj Says:

    ahahahaha shut up! u are cracking me up!!


  6. Anoosa Says:

    i remember when this first happened to me i was at age 11 or 12 i was soooo into tears!!! but now im ok whenever she decides to travel!! so it just a matter of adjusting to things!! GOOOOD LUCK!!!! :D

  7. I hope you're feeling better now, i know its hard, i experienced my mom being away for 6 months for treatment so i know how it feels. Rabby ye7fe'6kom leba3'6.

    and good luck with your finals, mine are in a weeks' time ... !

  8. Anonymous Says:

    7yati 7ala alla ywaf2ik o ywafi2 kol bnat 2l tawjeehi... o nshalla tirja3 5alto bil salameh o ma yib3idkom 3n ba3ad abadan...
    5aleeki 2aweyeh mitil ma 3rifnaki 2nty 2ad 2l mas2ooleyeh dayman...
    luvik sooo much

  9. Anonymous Says:

    btw ana hadeel abu hijleh...

  10. El Hazard Says:

    You've been tagged by the honest 10: